Forgetting (MP3)


Forgetting (MP3)


The Sins of the Fathers: Breaking Generational Patterns of Dysfunction

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You're talking to your son and realize you just said that annoying thing your mom always said to you as a child. When thinking about getting married, fear paralyzes you because you see how your parents ended up. The words spoken to you as a child continue to echo through your spirit, affecting your self-esteem and relationships with others. The dark, unspoken abuse, the pain of abandonment, the substance abuse...

The Bible speaks about the "sins of the fathers" being visited upon their children. What has our family of origin done to us? Are we doomed to repeat those same "sins?" How can we break generational patterns of dysfunction? James Emery White will help us process this pivotal dynamic so decisive to healthy, whole lives.

Individual Messages:
1 - The Generational Curse
2 - Forgiving
3 - Forgetting
4 - Leaving, Owning, Creating
5 - Blessing
6 - Deciding