The Intensity Quotient (PDF)

The Intensity Quotient (PDF)


Power Praying

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We've all tried talking to God. We've prayed for wisdom, insight, breakthrough and freedom. We've sent up "911" prayers in fear or panic, hoping for immediate intervention. We've offered quiet prayers of hope, loud prayers for provision and virtually silent whispers for clarity. For many of us, it’s not a question of whether we pray; it’s a question of whether we are actually connecting with the living God. We question whether we are able to experience His power and activity in our life through our prayers. James Emery White leads a series on “Power Praying,” a look at the Bible's specific instructions on how to experience the power of prayer in your life.

Individual Messages:
1 - Prayer and Power
2 - The Intensity Quotient
3 - Prayer and the Prayer-er
4 - The Ultimate Unleashing