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Running Partners (PDF)



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In physics, it's the quantity of motion something has, the product of mass and velocity (p=mv). In sports, it's the "big mo," enabling teams to build upon achievement and storm through the competition on the way to championships. In a political contest, it speaks of a strength or force that finds traction keeps growing. In life, it's the difference between success and failure, reaching our fullest potential or feeling like we've squandered our one and only life.

In this series, James Emery White explores the topic of "Momentum," delving into the Bible's insights on taking stock of what really needs to change, what really motivates us, how to commit to life-change in ways that stick, gathering relational support, and freeing ourselves from what holds us back.

Individual Messages:
1 - Do Something
2 - Building
3 - Forty Days
4 - Running Partners
5 - Necessary Endings