Judgmentalism (MP3)

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Judgmentalism (MP3)



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What one thing do you worry most about happening to you when it comes to your personal and spiritual life? We know. The one thing is being judged. Yet that is precisely what so many churches and people who call themselves Christians do. They judge.

Let's be honest - many people think that Christians are prideful and quick to find fault in others. That Christians are out to position themselves as morally superior. That they are arrogant and don't seem to be very compassionate. That they are more interested in condemning people than helping people. So a single mother comes to a church looking for community and support, wanting to find God and through God, find her way, and all she hears is "You shouldn't be a single mother." Is that what Jesus did? Is that what all religions are about? The answer may shock you. And it will free you to explore the Christian faith in a way you never thought possible.

Individual Messages:
1 - Judgmentalism
2 - The God of Grace
3 - Grace and Truth
4 - The Bait of Satan