Five Ways to Get Unstuck (PDF)


Five Ways to Get Unstuck (PDF)


Achieving Financial Freedom

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Money matters to us. Ready for a surprise? It matters to God FOR us. This is why the Bible, which God inspired to be the most relevant book for human life ever composed, spends over 2,000 passages dealing with its use and management. In fact, two-thirds of the stories Jesus told - stories meant to instruct and guide, mentor and direct - make reference to money. These references aren't just for financial success, but for financial freedom.

Freedom from stress, freedom from bondage, freedom from debt, freedom from scarcity. Yes, the kind of freedom we long for. Even more, the kind of freedom that settles two of the most important questions that can ever be asked spiritually: "Where is your heart?" and "Who is your leader?" James Emery White will lead you on a biblical journey that will delve into the Bible's practical wisdom. Wisdom about debt and savings, investments and spending, wealth-building and retirement, as well as our relationship with money and why the choices we make with it matter so much.

Individual Messages:
1 - The Big Questions
2 - Four Principles and a Plan
3 - First World Problems and the Latte Factor
4 - Snowballing Debt
5 - Five Ways to Get Unstuck