On Mission for Christmas

Toys "R" Us wants you for Christmas.

I remember reading an article about a very targeted plan by the toy giant to "invade the mall [during the] holiday season, opening 600 'Express' stores in malls and other shopping centers around the country, more than six times [the previous] year's count, and hiring 10,000 seasonal workers."

During a time of economic downturn, then-CEO Gerald Storch saw this as a necessary "aggressive action" plan.

The company indeed went into action and the question simply became, "How big can we make this?"

Which led me to wonder, how big can we make Christmas?

Or, more specifically, Christmas Eve?

Evangelical churches of all kinds throughout the United States have seldom held services on Christmas Day when it has not fallen on a Sunday (a tradition that dates back to the Puritans). In fact, marking Christmas has never been tied to a Sunday-specific celebration (as with Easter).

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Daily Headline News

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The Fuel of Gratitude

It's no surprise that we associate the Christmas season with giving. Whether we're buying gifts or sending cards, the act of giving comes and goes with the holidays. But what if generosity was more than just gift-giving in the month of December? What if it unleashed something unspeakably powerful deep inside you?

In the series, "G-Force: Unleashing the Power of Generosity in Your Life," James Emery White will help you discover what God wants to do in and through even the smallest steps toward increasing this dynamic in your life.

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