The Case for Apprenticeship

Someone asked me the other day what my advice would be to young leaders. Then they followed it up with this: "and if it could be just one piece of advice."


My mind was instantly flooded with a thousand replies, like:

*stay in close community with Christ

*pray like a mad-man (or a mad-woman)

*don't give in to a worldly understanding of success

*prioritize marriage and family

*as you preach and dispense, drink freely from the cup yourself

*never waver from Scripture

But then I realized what would probably be the best, most all-encompassing, advice I could give. The most practical. The most "from the trenches."

"Apprentice yourself to an older, proven and seasoned leader through an existing local church."

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Daily Headline News

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David & Goliath

One of the greatest moments in any human life is when you feel inspired... inspired to do something, become something. When those moments of inspiration come, and when we take hold of them, nothing is ever the same. Vision explodes in our mind, motivation flows freely, and life as we knew it ends.

During our new series, Inspired, Senior Pastor Jim White will walk through five of the most inspirational events in the Bible, and the men and women behind them. From each, expect God to breath inspiration on your life and toward the path He wants you to lead.


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