Theology Matters

On the church and culture front, it's an old story: Mainline churches in the U.S. and Canada are in decline, evangelical and charismatic churches are on the rise.

On face value, it would be easy to the see the demarcation along stylistic lines. Mainline churches tend to be more traditional in style; evangelical and charismatic churches more contemporary. Yet there are enough exceptions to this rule to prevent it from being the sole – if not leading – factor.

The deeper truth lies in… well, truth. In 1972 Dean M. Kelley released the results of a sociological study of religion titled Why Conservative Churches Are Growing.

The conclusion?

Conservative churches were growing because they were conservative.

A new study now confirms this thesis. Click here to continue reading this post and to view the blog archive.

Daily Headline News

University with history of anti-Christian bias denies credits to students volunteering at church

The University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire will give you credit for volunteering at a Planned Parenthood, but it will not give you any credit for volunteering at a location that involves Christian beliefs. (Morse, The Blaze)


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Boorstin's The Image in the Age of Pseudo-Reality

Daniel Boorstin's 1962 classic on celebrity, fame, and America's tenuous relationship to facts remains as poignant as it is prophetic. (Garber, The Atlantic)


Christmas Eve 2015

As we approach the celebration of Christmas, we have found that many pastors are requesting some of James Emery White's teachings from past years. For your convenience, we have grouped these sermons under the category of Christmas Resources. For some years, there is a series leading up and in to the Christmas Eve service, other years it was a standalone Christmas Eve service.

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