Flowers for Gay Weddings

By now, most have heard of the many and varied court cases related to conscientious objection, usually of a religious nature, to serving gay weddings. They are filling the courts as bakers and florists, bed and breakfast operators and caterers, are being sued for not wanting to engage in activity they deem supporting the wedding itself.

But now we are starting to get the decisions.

A judge ruled that a Washington state florist who refused to provide a flower arrangement for a gay wedding "because of [her] relationship with Jesus" violated the state's anti-discrimination and consumer protection laws.

Background: the couple asked the florist to provide flowers for their wedding in March 2013, three months after Washington state legalized same-sex marriage. The florist had served the couple at least twenty-times before, and knew they were gay. But when the request came to provide flower arrangements for their wedding, she said that she could not provide the arrangements because doing so would have constituted a demonstration of approval for the wedding itself.

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Without a doubt, it is the most significant dynamic, power and gift of the Christian faith. So if there is one thing that we need to "get right," it's this.

And many don't get it right.

Some reject it; some cheapen it; some make it a commodity to be earned; some say it only flows to a few; some refuse it to others; some apply it where it doesn't belong; some...

Well, you get the point.

Welcome to Meck's March series, "Getting Grace Right."


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