News for the Non-Newspapered

Imagine you are a journalist at a small-town newspaper. Because of the size of the operation, you not only initiate the stories, but also write them up as a reporter and then help distribute the paper to those interested in getting a copy.

Your paper has around 500 readers.

One day, it occurs to you that while you have 500 readers, you live in a town of more than 5,000 people. So while you are reaching a large group, it is far from the majority. Approximately 4,500 people are not reading your news.

You decide to reach them.

But how?

One thing is clear: designing and marketing a newspaper to people who have demonstrated no interest in reading your existing newspaper presents a challenge. You can't simply do what you've already been doing. If it was working, they would already be readers.

You decide to go with some "blue sky" thinking, freeing yourself to reflect on the situation in ways you may never have considered before.

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Daily Headline News

An entire community got together to rape a child: India recoils at it's 'horror and depravity'

The horrific gang rape of a young girl by 17 men in a gated community has stunned India. (Schultz & Raj, The New York Times)


Facebook to remove content that leads to violence

Facebook, facing growing criticism for posts that have incited violence in some countries, said Wednesday that it would begin removing misinformation that could lead to people being physically harmed.(Frenkel, The New York Times)


Muslim Americans running for office in highest numbers since 2001

A record number of Muslim Americans ran for statewide or national office this election cycle, the most since the terror attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, made Islam a political target for many, according to Muslim political groups. (Raphelson, NPR)


A Spike In Liver Disease Deaths Among Young Adults Fueled By Alcohol

According to a study published Wednesday in BMJ by Tapper and a colleague, fatal liver disease has risen, and young people have been hit the hardest.(Chisholm, NPR)


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