The church was on a busy street, and out front was a sign reaching out to passers-by about its new weekend sermon series.

One large word was emblazoned on the sign:


Then the weekend service time of 10:30 a.m. was printed below.

That was it.

I want that church's outreach efforts to work for them. I want people to learn about the book of Galatians, and every other book of the Bible. And I love the book of Galatians – every Holy Spirit-inspired word of it.

But there were so many foundational outreach missteps, represented in this one simple sign, that I couldn't help but heave a sigh of frustration.

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...vote for _____________?

Is it okay for a Christian to...

smoke marijuana?
drink wine?
go to a gay wedding?
serve a gay wedding?
do yoga?
watch "Game of Thrones"?
watch anything rated "R"?
vote for a Democrat (or actually, vote for anyone this election)?
get a tattoo?
get cremated?
have plastic surgery?
buy a lottery ticket?
play the slots in Vegas?
not go to church?

In this eight week series, James Emery White tackles every single one of these issues. The answers may be surprising, even shocking; but what may be most challenging of all is how we can think biblically about each one. For many, thinking Christianly across the broad spectrum of life and culture is a completely new enterprise. Even then, we may find that thoughtful, committed Christians may disagree on how best to employ the biblical principles for their life.

This series will save you the google search as it dives into, "Is it okay for a Christian to..."

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