"There's No Off in This Season: Team Sports Are Taking Over Kid's Lives"

Editor’s Note:  Dr. White was interviewed as part of an article that ran this past Sunday in The New York Times that was built off of a blog he wrote on the interplay of sports, faith and culture.  Instead of his usual blog posting, we thought you might enjoy reading it. 


When my daughters were young, they had a book we all loved called “Jump into January.” Every month was illustrated with a search-and-find painting filled with seasonal items. August’s was “Sail into August / come along with me / That sand is soft, the sea is warm / What can you see?” Items included a sailboat, shovel, crab, hammock, surfboard and sand castle.

Have a teenager these days? You’d be lucky to see a sand castle in August. Instead, you’re probably spending most of your month schlepping to tryouts, hauling to two-a-day practices, scheduling around mandatory workouts and letting yet another extracurricular activity encroach on once-sacred family time. The youth sports juggernaut, fueled by breathless cable networks, corporate sponsors and power-hungry leagues, is gradually colonizing more and more time: weeknights, weekends, religious holidays and now vacations.

Warning: Gatorade doesn’t go with s’mores.

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Daily Headline News

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Senior Pastor Jim White returns from his summer study break to kick-off a new series, "Family Values."  Throughout the month of August, this series will explore the ten core values that are meant to shape family life. And not just the home, but the church as family, as well as the marketplace and school. The idea is that "family" is what God has designed as the fabric of social life. The more we bring our relational world into alignment with these values, the more we experience the health and wholeness God intended for "family" life.



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