The Fingerprints of God

Lost in the revolving news cycles of the last few weeks was a finding that has rocked the scientific world.

But first, some background:

The theory of evolution calls for leaps and mutations to overcome massive unexplained gaps that almost scream for an intelligent Designer guiding and helping the process.

Just think about the time issue.

If the age of the Earth is about 4.6 billion years, and we have evidence of abundant and complex life 3.5 billion years ago, then that means that there were only about 170 million years for the Earth to cool from its initial formation and for all of evolution to have taken place. That simply isn't enough time – by anyone's calculations – for all of evolution to have taken place.

In fact, noted astronomer Sir Fred Hoyle has written that if you would compute the time required to get all 200,000 amino acids for one human cell to come together by chance, it would be about 293.5 times the estimated age of the Earth. It would be like having the working dynamics of an iPod, iPhone, iPad and Smart Watch all instantly created – by chance – through a single explosion in a computer warehouse.

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