A new term has found traction on the cultural scene: weaponized. It means to convert something so that it can be used as a weapon or to supply or equip something with weapons. It used to be used only in military circles, as in "weaponizing" a rocket by fitting it with nuclear material and equipping it for launch. Now we speak of weaponized... well, everything. There are weaponized apps for cyber warfare, weaponized drones and weaponized viruses. But now it's broken out of military circles into culture as a whole. We speak of weaponized facts, texting, marketing and more. Politicians speak of weaponizing their constituent's stories, or particular polling numbers. It's been said that in the last campaign, weaponized "leaks" were coordinated by both parties. But the first and most detailed use of the idea is found rooted in the pages of the most sacred text of the civilized world, and it speaks of a weaponized life. A life so equipped for impact and influence, forward movement and power, that not even the gates of hell could withstand its onslaught.

Individual Messages:
1 - Suiting Up
2 - Answering the Call
3 - Storming the Gates