TTB7: Thru the Bible in 7 Weeks Resources

The most influential book in human history is, without a doubt, the collected writings of the Bible. And while most people would like to know what it says, they haven’t read it. Or even attempted an overview of it. And they’ve certainly not read it in its entirety. For many this is because delving into the Bible can seem like a daunting task. James Emery White developed a series called “Thru the Bible in 7 Weeks” that walks through all 66 of its books, dipping into the Bible’s most pivotal passages, and helping people truly grasp the flow of Scripture and the larger story of the Bible.

TTB7 Pastor’s Package

Designed to serve pastors and their congregations, this package includes downloadable files for all of the materials listed below. Reproduction rights are granted for the Introduction and Reading Plan Booklet, the TTB7 Leader’s Guide and the TTB7 Group Study Guide for use within your church. The guides for group study are intended to be used so that all small groups can go through the discussion together following the weekend messages given at the church.

  • 7 Audio Messages (message series by James Emery White)

  • 7 Complete Manuscripts (transcripts of the message, including programming notes to serve pastors)

  • TTB7 Introduction and Reading Plan Booklet

  • TTB7 Leader’s Guide (for small group study)

  • TTB7 Group Study Guide (participant’s guide)

  • TTB7 Hi Res Graphic Image

TTB7 Small Group Package

Designed for small groups, this package of downloadable files will allow your group to walk through the series together. After watching the video messages together as a group, participants will be given weekly reading assignments that focus on key passages in Scripture. Reproduction rights are granted for the TTB7 Leader’s Guide and TTB7 Group Study Guide for use within your small group.

  • 7 Video Messages (teaching by James Emery White)

  • TTB7 Leader’s Guide

  • TTB7 Group Study Guide