Author Malcolm Gladwell wrote a bestseller titled Outliers: The Story of Success. According to the dictionary, an “outlier” is something that is “situated away from or classed differently.” It is something that lies outside of normal experience. In his book, Gladwell explores the question, “Why do some people succeed far more than others?” The usual story focuses on intelligence and ambition. In Outliers, Gladwell argues that the true story of success is often the situation they found themselves in and how they took advantage of their unique context. While a fascinating read, Gladwell missed examining the ultimate set of outliers who took advantage of their situations and made history - the men and women in the Bible who not only achieved success, but significance. James Emery White explores three outliers in the Bible, the decisions that brought them success and can bring us success as well.

Individual Messages:
1 - The Leader of Egypt: The Traits of Joseph
2 - The King of Israel: The Traits of David
3 - The Cultural Subversive in Babylon: The Traits of Daniel