There are more than 4,000 world religions. Christianity itself has more than 9,000 denominations, with more than 600 in the United States alone. How can we make sense of other religions - the differences and similarities - as we search for spiritual truth? In this series, James Emery White tackles the most pressing questions to make sense of it all.

Individual Messages:
1 - Denominational Divides: Why Are There So Many?
2 - Protestant vs. Catholic: Aren’t We on the Same Team?
3 - Jesus and the Jews: Didn’t It All Start With Them?
4 - Christian, Cult or Counterfeit: What about Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Scientologists and Oprah?
5 - The Cross and the Crescent: Don’t Muslims and Christians Worship the Same God?
6 - When East Meets West: What About Buddhism and Hinduism?
7 - God and Ghandi: What About the Good in Other Religions?