As they say, life comes at you fast. Money. Marriage. Kids. Relationships. Work. We live in a day that is overloaded with information, but not much wisdom. This series focuses on the Bible's leading wisdom on the most pressing issues of life, from effective child-rearing to greater intimacy in marriage, building better relationships to money management. James Emery White explores different "life" topics through the lens of the Bible's book on wisdom - Proverbs.

Individual Messages:
1 - The Best Question Ever
2 - Wisdom in Relationships
3 - Wisdom with Money
4 - Wisdom with Correction
5 - Wisdom in Raising Children
6 - Wisdom in Marriage
7 - Wisdom for Marrying Well
8 - Wisdom in the Marketplace
9 - Wisdom with Your Mouth (Part 1)
10 - Wisdom with Your Mouth (Part 2)