Jesus: The Untold Story

The first three biographies of Jesus found in the Bible, named after the three men who wrote them (Matthew, Mark and Luke), give us the life and teaching of Jesus. But there is a fourth account of His life, radically different than the other three, written by the last surviving disciple. It is the final Gospel in the New Testament, also known by the name of the author: the Gospel of John. Ninety percent of what it holds about the life and teaching of Jesus is not found in any other account. In “Jesus: The Untold Story,” James Emery White walks through the Gospel of John exploring the 12 unique stories, events and teachings of the life of Jesus that only John records. This series led up to the final installment on Easter Sunday.

Individual Messages:
1 - The Last Apostle’s Untold Story
2 - In the Beginning… the Very Beginning
3 - The First Miracle: Let the Party Begin
4 - A Midnight Meeting
5 - Sex and the City
6 - The Ultimate Spa Treatment
7 - "Ego Eimi"
8 - Preventing an Execution
9 - Raising a Dead Friend
10 - The Coming Counselor
11 - Three Final Prayers
12 - Easter Weekend