Jesus On…: The Message of the Sermon on the Mount for Today

A long but strategic series that lasts for 14 weeks. There’s only one message that could grab your attention that long; the most life-changing message of all time - Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount. So what makes this so epic? Jesus floored people thousands of years ago with this message, seamlessly tackling one challenging topic after the next and, even today, this message will blow you away. “Jesus On...: The Message of the Sermon on the Mount for Today” delves into what Jesus had to say on happiness, influence, relationships, sex, divorce, enemies, hypocrisy, worry and so much more.

Individual Messages:
1 - Happiness
2 - Influence
3 - The Law
4 - Relationships
5 - Adultery, Divorce and Oaths
6 - Hate and Enemies
7 - Spiritual Authenticity
8 - How to Pray
9 - Investing in Eternity
10 - Worry
11 - Judging
12 - Asking
13 - The Golden Rule
14 - Spiritual Deceptions