It is the one idea among the Christian faith that is most unique among all religions. It's also the most scandalous. It is what attracts people the most, and is often the stumbling block over which they fall. It drew thousands to Jesus, and also nailed him to the cross. Without a doubt, it is the most significant dynamic, power and gift of the Christian faith. So if there is one thing that we need to "get right," it's this. And many don't get it right. Some reject it; some cheapen it; some make it a commodity to be earned; some say it only flows to a few; some refuse it to others; some apply it where it doesn't belong; some... well, you get the point. In this series, James Emery White will help us to get grace right.

Individual Messages:
1 - A Theological Primer
2 - Extending Grace
3 - Cheapening Grace