We are very good at making “to-do” lists, but what if the most important one we could make is a “stop-doing” list? For most of us, that is exactly what we need. And what better time to explore this for your life than during Lent - the ancient spiritual practice of marking the 40 days prior to the celebration of Easter by focusing on inward change through outward denial. Could there be a strategic, simple denial that you can build into your life for a short season that will hold the key to unlocking real, lasting, life change?

This series explores the ancient meaning of Lent, the spirituality of fasting and three specific 21-day fasts from which you can choose. Each of these fasts hold the potential of propelling your life forward in three of the most common areas where people desire to change.

Individual Messages:
1 - Three 21-Day Fasts
2 - Bringing God Into Your Fast
3 - Switching From Fast Forward to Play