How does a business in the fast-food industry that offers little variety, has a corporate statement that only details glorifying God and serving people, that gives up one-seventh of its annual earnings potential by remaining closed on Sundays, climb to become the most profitable fast-food chain in the United States? Somehow Chick-fil-A has discovered a way to be both faithful to their Christian values and successful in the marketplace. But does the Bible give a road map for chasing after faith in a secular world that is coupled with success? Actually, yes it does. In its pages we have one of the most thought-provoking case studies of a man named Daniel who maintained his faith in a deeply secular context, while continually rising to the highest levels of success - even when time and again his faith seemed to be costing him everything. Discover his story, dig deep into its timeless principles, and learn how you also can chase after faith and experience success.

Individual Messages:
1 - Purposing Your Heart