Pastors' Appreciation Month

October has been designated "Pastor Appreciation Month." I don't know by who, I just know I see it popping up here and there, and a few dear folk at Meck took the time to express their encouragement in light of its occasion.

(Most people at Meck didn't even know the month's emphasis existed. Which is fine by me, as I tend to get awkward over such things, as much as I appreciate people's efforts.)

But what I thought of most throughout the month was a different kind of pastor's appreciation. My appreciation, as a pastor, for what I get to do. I love my calling, and that I get to chase after it at as a pastor. I have the privilege of leading (I think) the greatest church on the planet. I serve with the best staff, the best leaders, the best Trustees…

So here are ten things I appreciate about being able to do what I do:

  1. Baptisms. Baptisms. Baptisms.
  2. Bringing the Bible to life (and bringing the Bible to bear on life).
  3. Witnessing life-change.
  4. A forced dependence on God.
  5. The privilege of serving.
  6. Caring for the poorest of the poor, the widows and the orphans.
  7. Letting the children come.
  8. Strengthening marriages, building families.
  9. Facilitating authentic worship.
  10. Fulfilling Jesus' dream for His church – the great revolution set loose on this planet by God to call the world back to Himself.

If you're a pastor, did you have this kind of "appreciation" month?

I'm sure you did because we all have the same top-ten list.

James Emery White