Praying for Public Schools

This past weekend I gave a talk that detailed the importance of parental involvement in their child's education.

I also made the case, whenever possible, to seriously explore private Christian schools as well as homeschooling.

But the headline, whether public school or private school, charter school or homeschool, was clear: be involved.

I stand by that talk.

But I wish I could have taken a few more minutes in what was already a full-length talk (a common regret) to say one more thing:

Pray like a madman for public schools and all the Christians working in them.

Not everyone has the money for private Christian schools.

Not everyone has a life situation that allows for homeschooling.

Which means…

… everyone should get down on their proverbial knees and fight like crazy for redeeming qualities to take root in public education.

And not only that, but to celebrate, affirm, and encourage those Christian parents who are trying to redeem their children's schools, and the teachers and administrators who are trying to bring Jesus to bear in whatever way they can on their school.

James Emery White