It's clear. It's direct. It's the first thing God asks us to do once we believe and decide to spend our lives following Him. Baptism is an outward symbol of an inward change. And it is a sacrament that is something we celebrate together as a church family.

James Emery White addresses the common questions about what baptism can mean for someone's life through various baptism series and messages gathered here.

Individual Messages:
1 - Just Do It (1): What and Why
2 - Just Do It (2): Overcoming the Barriers
3 - Just Do It (3): It’s Time
4 - Live Out Loud (1)
5 - Live Out Loud (2)
6 - God’s First Outrageous Ask (1): What?
7 - God’s First Outrageous Ask (2): Why?
8 - Just Say the Word (Standalone Message)