The Church & Culture Team is excited to announce this new event led by James Emery White at Mecklenburg Community Church. This is an opportunity for senior and lead pastors, or those who serve in leadership roles within the church, to gather for a time of teaching and Q&A covering three specific areas: Preaching and Communication, How to Increase Giving and How to Grow Your Church. You’ll also have the opportunity to walk around and check out the church as well - the classrooms, the auditorium, etc.

We held our first workshop back in March, and here’s just a sample of some of the feedback we received from those in attendance:

"I got more out of three hours than I normally get out of a 3 day conference. I appreciated the ‘stripped-down’, basic approach to the workshop."

"It was fantastic and provided a good deal of information."

"I loved all of it - the size, the length of the sessions and the content. I also appreciated the opportunity to meet some new men and women in ministry."

Our next workshop will be held on Thursday, May 9 from 1 - 4 p.m. at Meck’s North Charlotte Campus. Space is limited, so register now for the date that works best for you!


Preaching and Communication

A Gallup survey explored the major reasons Americans gave for attending church. The two top responses are:

1. Sermons relevant to life.
2. Sermons teaching scripture.

Headline? Three out of every four choosing to attend church do so because of the message. So what is involved in relevant, biblical teaching? This session will explore key areas that are so important to develop.

How to Increase Giving

Why do people give? That's easy. They give from the heart, to vision. In the book of Exodus you read how Moses had to tell the people to stop giving because they had more than they needed to construct all that God had commanded in terms of the Tabernacle.

Can you imagine having to tell your congregation, “Please, stop giving - we just have too much”? This session will explore the best practices to help your church understand giving as an act of worship and to encourage generosity.


How to Grow Your Church

It’s one of the most pressing questions pastors and church leaders ask themselves: “Why aren’t we growing?”

True, not every mission’s soil will yield the same fruit, but we’re not talking about overall size. But based on the Bible we can assume God wants every church that honors His name and proclaims His message in Christ to grow, and that He is willing to empower it to that end.

Churches are living things. Living things grow. If you’re not growing, something is wrong. This session will explore key strategies to encourage church growth - and the right kind of growth.