The vision of the annual Church & Culture Conference is to take a deep look at the most pressing cultural trends and realities, and how the church must respond in light of these insights. This is all with a clear target on the wall: the evangelization and transformation of culture through the centrality of the local church.

The 2018 Conference featured three plenary sessions taught by James Emery White. We are excited to announce that for the first time, video (.mp4) files of Sessions One & Three from the conference are available for purchase in addition to the audio (.mp3) versions. These videos are also available as a part of the product “2018 Conference Package".

Note: Due to copyright restrictions pertaining to videos and presentations during Session Two, we regret that we are not able to make it available in either .mp3 or .mp4 formats. This was a session only available to those attending the conference.

Individual Messages:
1 - Session One: The Rise of the “Nones” Update (video & audio)
2 - Session Three: Growing from the Unchurched (video & audio)
3 - 2018 Conference Package:
*High resolution videos of Sessions One & Three
*.mp3 files of Sessions One and Three
*Group Discussion Questions