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Elevator Speech

We want to change the world.
We want to make a difference.
We want to impact culture.
We want to have our one and only life matter.
We want...
Okay, time-out.
When we say these things, what, exactly, do we mean?
Let’s say you had to put it in an elevator speech. You know what that is; you find yourself on an elevator with someone who is able to change your life. They can hire you, introduce you, promote you, or fund you. 
But all you have is the few moments on the elevator with them.
Let’s say you find yourself on the elevator with someone able to write you a check for $1,000,000 in support. You introduce yourself, and they ask you one simple question: what is your church trying to do
What would you say?
Here’s one shot: “We’re trying to redeem, restore and renew the world.”
The elevator hasn’t stopped yet, so you seize the extra few moments to explain.
“We’re trying to redeem the world, which means we’re trying to bring the light of the message of Christ to people who have yet to experience Him as Forgiver and Leader in ways that penetrate the post-Christian culture.”
“We’re trying to restore the world, which means we’re trying to address the brokenness of poverty and hunger, racism and injustice, to stop the hemorrhaging of community before it bleeds to death.”
“We’re trying to renew the world, which means we’re trying to bring forth the good, the true and the beautiful through art and policy, education and media, creating a culture that offers glimmers of the shining glory of the Kingdom of God.”
Speech over; you’ve arrived at their floor, and the doors are opening.
Now what about that check?
James Emery White
For more on this matter, see James Emery White, Christ Among the Dragons (InterVarsity Press), as well as Serious Times (InterVarsity Press).

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