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Oh, the Places You'll Go!

I recently tweeted, “Travel every chance you have, to every place you can. After reading, it’s the best way to stay in school.”

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Many responded in one way or another with the following question: “Where are the best places to go?”
In what may be my most overlooked book, but one my editor called the best I had ever written, I listed nine places that I had been to throughout my travels that had the greatest impact on my life. Through each I took readers, to the “best” of my ability, to not only a place, but a strategic life-lesson.
The genesis of the book was simple: if I were to pour into another person’s life, how would I do it? When first asked that question, I knew. I would take them to various places around the world, using the time of travel and destination as a means to speak not just information, but hopefully wisdom into their life. Then, once at our destination, I would work to reveal all that the place held for Christian life and thought, and then follow-up with all the mentoring application I could muster.
InterVarsity Press took the bait, and “A Traveler’s Guide to the Kingdom” was born.
So what were my nine places?
I unashamedly hope they intrigue you:
*The “Eagle and Child” pub, Oxford, England
*The Isle of Iona, Scotland
*St. Catherine’s Monastery, Sinai Desert, Egypt
*The Apartheid Museum, Johannesburg, South Africa
*Chartres Cathedral, France
*The Billy Graham Library, Charlotte, North Carolina (USA)
*Lutherstadt-Wittenberg, Germany
*The ten Boom House, Haarlem, Netherlands
*The Dachau Concentration Camp, Munich, Germany
The larger conversations each afforded, through the book, proved to be profound:
*You are converted
*You are spiritual
*You can hear God
*You are called into community
*You are sexual
*You have a calling
*You can make history
*You can trust God
*You will have doubts
I’ve now written, or contributed to, over twenty books. I don’t say this often, but I will now.  I truly hope you buy this book and read it. It’s one of my most personal and, I believe, helpful. 
But after reading it, do one more thing.
Go to some of the places.
You will never be the same.
James Emery White
James Emery White, A Traveler’s Guide to the Kingdom (InterVarsity); click here to purchase on Amazon.

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