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The Unpopular Parent

The three keys to parenting in today’s “always on” world are being informed, involved, and in charge.   But somehow, someway, that gets watered down between theory and practice.
Many parents feel that the number one goal of parenting is for their child to like them. It’s not.
The number one goal is to lovingly parent them. Liking has little to do with it. The truth is that there is much that goes with loving parenting they will most certainly not like.
For example, here are ten rules every parent should have with their kids regarding media. See if you think popularity will come with any of them:
1.   Limit their phone minutes, texts, and online hours. Don’t let it take over their life.
2.   Don’t ever let them see a movie you haven’t reviewed thoroughly on the front-end, regardless of its rating.
3.   Don’t let them sleep with their cell phone under their pillow or by their bed. The phone should be turned off at bedtime.
4.   Have times of the day they have to turn their phone off, and times when texting isn’t allowed – such as family vacations or family outings.
5.   Don’t allow cell phones at the dinner table.
6.   Tell your kids not to share their passwords with their friends, not even their best friends. 
7.   Keep all computer use in a public area.
8.   Don’t allow TV’s in their room.
9.   Don’t let them be on Facebook unless they friend you as a parent.
10. Don’t let them join any social media prior to the stated age.
Sometimes the most important truths can be stated the most simply: parenting isn’t meant to be a popularity contest. 
It’s meant to be a child-rearing one.
James Emery White
Adapted from the message series, “The Underprotective Parent,” available as an mp3 download or in manuscript form at www.churchandculture.org.
[The ten rules were compiled and written after drawing on a number of sources.]

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